Once upon a time…….

in mallorca. So now the time has come that also I have to leave the island and for that reason I thought we should share a couple of drinks ;-)this weekend at our place. It would be a pleasure for me to see a lot of you here on saturday the 1st of november about 10 p.m.
I think everybody knows how to get here, but is there any question left do not hesitate to call me. So I don´t think I have to mention that drinks are welcome and equally good mood and dancing skills.

So hope to see you all on saturday…, because a wild night is calling


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6 respuestas a Once upon a time…….

  1. pipe dijo:

    matt, what day are y living….??

  2. matt dijo:

    I will leave on the 5th of november…..

  3. waldo dijo:

    Paaaarty in my place.. Warn the neighbours… !

  4. Jesuke dijo:

    I’ll be there to make u enbarace, jajajaja

  5. erikjanb dijo:

    i hope u come back the 6th of november

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