Muchas gracias a todos…

Hola senoritas y senores,

I would like to thank you all for the good time you have given to me during the last days in «my new home» SO muchas gracias a todos and we we will keep in touch.

Best regrads from hamburg from to all of you


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6 respuestas a Muchas gracias a todos…

  1. raquel dijo:

    Hola Matthias!!!!
    Come back soon!!!

  2. Hi Matthias!! thank you for the meals, you are a very good cook!! when are you coming back…..????;-)

  3. edu dijo:

    cabron (asshole) jajajaja i want othe «marcha» with you! but the next time please you will invite me a beer no?

    ah if you come back to mallorca! please can you carry me a ketchup with curry? it is the big bottle red like the ABE´S restaurant!!

    thanx my little german friend jajajajaja 😛

  4. mattias merry christmas an a happy new year. Make a join?

  5. Fátima dijo:

    Hello Mattias!!! When you go to Mallorca ?
    we waited for you for another crazy celebratioooonnnnn!!!

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