Guten Rutsch, happy new year, feliz ano nuevo….

Hola todos,

I wish you all a happy new years eve and have great time. Thanks for all the good things you have done to me that I had great time in spain and it would have been a pleasure for me to spend this night with all of you, but I am really sorry so the only thing which is left for me to «be with you» is on this fantastic homepage. So my best wishes and take care of you. YOurs Matt= Sam or whatever 😉

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6 respuestas a Guten Rutsch, happy new year, feliz ano nuevo….

  1. edu dijo:

    ei SAMMMMMM my favorite hobbitt jejejeje (heheheheehe in your language ;D )

    I wish you a merry christmas, i wish you a happy new year 2004 and i wish you carry the ring and you give it to me jajajaja (hahaha)

    See you in the 2004!!! ;P

  2. paola dijo:

    matthias merry christmas and happy new year for you !!!!

  3. Justito dijo:

    Guten Rutsch!!! Matthias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Feliz 2004 desde Mallorca.

  4. name dijo:

    happy new year maziu!!!!! A big, big kiss!!!!

  5. fatima dijo:

    Happy New Year, precious. I wish the best thing you in the 2004. we
    hoped to you in Palm.

    muchisimos besos!!!!

  6. Ming dijo:

    Did u see the horses Mathew??
    I see 2004 horses, did u?

    A Big kiss man 😉

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