Ahoi aus Hamburg….

Hola maricones 😉 So best regards from hamburg from me to all of you spanish maniacs. I really miss you all and I hope I will see you all in a bit so have all a nice weekend and we will see eacht other here on the best GBook in the world MATT

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  1. Pollo dijo:

    Hi master of the universe!!!

    I hope you are ok and see you soon.
    Beer´s nigths without you are not the same…….now there is more for us !!!jajaja It´s just a joke!!

    Greetings from Chriss!

    El pollo

  2. Fátima dijo:

    jajaajaajjjj…your you know of joking insults in spanish…it has given me much laughter, this it is not normal to use and and it seems a little rare…XD
    Kisses from Palm and return in end yeaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!

  3. edu dijo:

    CUÑAOOOOO, schwaggerrrrrr, brother in lawwwwww!!! matthias are you bored in german? jajajaja the german people is very bored 😉 you need a weekend in MALLORCA with your mallorquin friend EDU 🙂

    i miss you and rene and ania and morten jajajajajajaja CUÑAOOOO

    see youuuuuuu and when you return to «my city ;D » please carry me the ketchup with curry souce from your country mmmmm :p

  4. raquel dijo:

    Hi Matthias? How is everything going in Germany? We miss you!!!!!
    Muac!!!! Muac!!!! Muac!!!!

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