He visto Danny The Dog ayer – mi primera pelicula en español.

/me is proud of herself 😉

He entendido casi todo, pero todavia creo que es … em… (english turned on:now:)) funny hearing people speaking completely differant language – doesn’t go with the actors. No tenemos esto en la tele en mi pais…

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  1. erikjanb dijo:

    tienes que ver kunfusion y luego me lo comments
    (unos con acento andaluz, otro con acento italiano,otro con acento frances…y todos chinos!)

  2. Mr.L dijo:

    Erik! que la vas a marear pobre chica! Hay que felicitarla por haberse largado a hablar, que por cierto lo hace muy bien!
    Ah Kunfusion = Kung Fu Hustle (titulo original) por si alguien está interesado. Tambien la pueden ver en chino con subtitulos en cantonés e inglés 😀

  3. waldito dijo:

    Masha, Don´t pay attention to this two Freaks.. jiji..

  4. Mr.L dijo:

    Don’t be offensive! We’re not freaks! We are NERDS 😛

  5. mad brilliant dijo:

    No problems, Waldo, me gustan freaks 😀 It was a very weird feeling at the beginning… but I got used to it while watching the movie. Though I could never watch let’s say Pirates from the Caribean in spanish. I love Johnny too much 😉

    Una pregunta 🙂 Have I met any of you? (ok, Waldo, you don’t count 😉 )

  6. Mr.L dijo:

    Yes, we’ve met in Waldo’s house, I’m Luciano (one of the argentinean guys) 😀 I think you didn’t met Erik yet.

  7. Ylnis dijo:

    Creo que hay más de uno que se esta pegando chutes de cafeína……hay que verlo pa entederlo, vaya kunfusion……;-)

  8. mad brilliant dijo:

    I’m truly madly deeply (yaaay, that’s a song 🙂 ) sorry, but I wasn’t a good girl and I forgot the names… But I do remember some people 🙂

    – I remember Pollo and Danny by name
    – than it’s Waldo’s roommate, german guy
    – a guy who likes house music and was wearing green t-shirt
    – a guy with curly hair, likes to talk
    – metal guy with a long hair who bought me a drink
    – and that guy from Barcelona with black hair who reminded me of guitar player from band Laibach
    – I hope I didn’t miss anyone, if I did, it wasn’t on purpuse, let’s blame the black moon which was yesterday 😉
    – and I do remember that someone was called Luciano, but I can’t match the face with the name

    Going to bed now, need some rest, for I fell down the stairs today (hooray for my blue ass 🙂 ) and everything hurts like hell.

    Buenas noches a todos 🙂

  9. Mr.L dijo:

    Are u a fan of Savage Garden? 😀
    The guy with the green t-shirt=Luciano=Me 😛
    Waldo’s roommate=Matthias
    Curly hair, likes to talk=Marcelo
    The metal guy=Güero
    Laibach guitar=Josep

  10. mad brilliant dijo:

    Thanks a lot!!! I can finally put faces and names together…

    Sooo, see you guyz tonight 🙂

    /me is singing «fridaaaay I’m in loooooooveeeee… lalalala»

    I love fridays 😀

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