Finally I have a job – in a nice little peluqueria in Palma. If anybody wants to cut his hair and doesn’t have a hairdresser yet, check out the page and you’ll see where it is. And don’t be afraid, I won’t cut anybody’s hair, I’m just there to do the cosmetic stuff 🙂


Oh, btw, does anybody know (em… girls mostly 😉 ) if there is the cosmetic mark LUMENE anywhere in Palma? I love it, but I can’t find it anywhere…

Besitos a todos…

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6 respuestas a peluqueria

  1. waldito dijo:

    hmm. good to know, altough I don´t think I’ll be needing hairdresser for a Bit.. (a bit of a Change of Style)?

  2. erikjanb dijo:

    hi! i want to cut my hair…€?

  3. Anónimo dijo:

    For the guys (em… ok, men) it’s 10.50 €. You have a map, you have a phone number, so you can come 🙂

    @ Waldo – I think you won’t be needing a haircut for a long time 😉 But I can put make up on you, or maybe do your nails or eyebrows… 😛 😉

  4. mad brilliant dijo:

    I forgot to write my name. Lo siento… 🙂

  5. waldito dijo:

    after finding out my Gay-level… not a bad idea!

  6. mad brilliant dijo:

    ROFL!!!!! 😀 But I have to admit I did the test and I got the same score as you… hm… 🙂

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