evil friends :)


Roll down a little bit… they are actually making fun of me and the fact that I got sunburned! 😉

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  1. waldito dijo:

    Nice one

    Señorita; don´t let them make fun of you.
    Pale Skin is so *not* belonging here. You do. 😉
    Those are just envious web entities that aren´t here on Mallorca. If I were you, I’ll spamm them with pics of this place;

    Justo, a friend of mine, cares for a blog where he puts nice pics of Mallorca that he takes himself;

    Send them the link ! hehe.


  2. Vicky dijo:

    waldo, qué buenas fotos que tiene tu amiguito en la pagina, eh!!
    masha, I agree with waldo, send them pictures to envy!!

  3. mad brilliant dijo:

    Ooooooh, que bonitas las fotos!!!!!

    I did it, I gave them the link 😉

    Oh, anybody knows any good place to go dancing? I have to take out a friend and she loves dancing (note: no shitty music please 😉 )

    Un besito a todos 🙂

  4. Jesuke dijo:

    I don’t know who you are. But I think we can’t fix it (Creo que podremos arreglarlo)Así en ese Spanglish bueno bueno. There are a cuple of «Dabuten» places were we can go!! The best disco dancing or Latin dancing music you have ever heard.

  5. mad brilliant dijo:

    yaaaaaaaay 🙂 Disco I like… Latin I would rather avoid… Well, it doesn’t really mather where we go, as long as she can dance, I’ll have my rock music tomorrow 😉

    My name is Masha, btw, just that you will know 🙂 Mucho gusto 😉

  6. Mr.L dijo:

    Masha, si quieres buena musica puedes ir a 113, estuvimos una vez ahí y te quedaste dormida 😀 Otro sitio que me gustaba pero hace mucho que no voy es el Basement, queda por Paseo Mallorca.

  7. mad brilliant dijo:

    Hehe, me gustaba a 113! 😀 😉 Basement… no conozco, voy a preguntar donde esta, thank you for the suggestion!

    Mañana voy en el Tunnel, pathetic place actually, but the DJ plays all the requests, so… 😀

    (spanglish indeed 😉 )

  8. POLLO dijo:

    Estuve en el 113 la semana pasada y estaba VACIO. NADIE. Absolutly sad and depresive.

  9. mad brilliant dijo:

    Just my humble opinion… It was pretty depresive for me too when I was there, and it was full 😀 Must be the music… or maybe pijos, hihi 😉

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