So… I need an amplifier, for singing, not for a guitar, the mark is not that important, as long as it’s in a good «shape» 🙂 So if anybody knows anybody who knows somebody who has a friend who’s father knows somebody who has it… Let me know about the price and where can I see it.

Yours Mad and Brilliant, a little depressed for yesterday there wasn’t enough sun….

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  1. waldito dijo:

    i’m shure Mr.L knows about something on Ebay ^_^
    if not, you can always try this second-hand shops around the city call ‘la gran oportunidad’..? I’ve seen some music equipment.. I’m shure they’ll have some amplifier for ya;

    BTW;Sun is Back 🙂

  2. Mr.L dijo:

    Yep, there is a second hand shop in calle Aragón (CASH CONVERTERS), and near that place there is an audio equipment shop, for DJs and all this stuff, you can take a look there.

  3. Anónimo dijo:

    Thank you very much 🙂 I’ll take a look – I hope I’ll find some useful stuff, hooray! 🙂

    Ah, the Sun… hope it’ll be here tomorrow, too…

    nighty night 😀

  4. waldito dijo:

    see? anyone should consult the consumers oracle b4 adquiring anything. BTW, Mr.L; I’ve managed to adquire the rough carpets from pull&Bear for a killing 3.50€!

  5. Mr.L dijo:

    AAAuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! I want to see those carpets installed!

  6. raquel dijo:

    a carpet for 3.50 €? qué es, de papel???

  7. Vicky dijo:

    compare the prices before buy, those «cash Converters» are not that cheap as everybody suppose.
    and… what carpets are you talking about, guys? (3,50 €!!)

  8. waldito dijo:

    Pull&Bear were selling their display-window sets.. every element was sold after summer season, and they had some carpets that were pretty cool… Had to go and adquire them, problem was that were a bit ‘rotten’.. but WTF, for three € and a HALF.. who cares! 😀

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